Who We Are

After a successful 30+ year career in marketing, sales management and account management for major corporations including: Gannett and Infinity/CBS. Jerrold Smith founded 1 Plus One Management, Inc. in 2004 with two primary goals.

  • Assist major corporations with the development and execution of Advertising, Community Outreach and Cause/Event Marketing programs that target Urban Consumers, in an effective, efficient and engaging manner.
  • Help small businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profits Start, Sustain and Grow by creating and maintaining an affordable marketing strategy.

1 Jerrold’s corporate business acumen, interpersonal skills and creativity give him a keen sensibility to the challenges small and large companies face in today’s volatile market place.

PLUS ONE Our Network of Experts and YOU working with one goal, exceeding expectations by:

  • Maximizing Financial Resources
  • Strategic Media Placement
  • Producing Action Provoking Creative
  • Associating Your Brand With Community Empowerment

"What you know gives you confidence;

Who you know gives you access;

Who knows you gives you the power to succeed"

Pat Tobin, Founder Tobin & Associates